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The Salumeria

Austin, TX

The Salumeria

Salumi from pigs we raised on our farm

Austin, TX

The Salumeria

Salumi from pigs we raised on our farm

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The Salumeria Collection

The Salumeria Collection


Cacciatore - Red Wine, Coriander, Garlic, and Mace

Soppressata - White wine, Garlic and Black Peppercorns

Calabrese - White Wine, Calabrian Peppers and Anise

Sobrasada - A pork belly salame with Smoked Paprika


Farmstand: The Salumeria

The Butchers: Anthony Pedonesi and Gerardo Garcia.

Year Founded:2020

Location:Austin, Texas

What they Make:Handcrafted salami and cured whole meats.

Practices: Heritage pigs are raised on The Salumeria Farm, where they roam free on lush land and enjoy hormone and antibiotic-free feed in addition to their natural foraging diets. Butchering practices follow the nose to tail tradition, ensuring no part of the animals goes to waste.

Fun Fact:The founders first met when Anthony contracted Gerardo to do work on his home.


"Traditions and recipes passed down for generations have inspired us."

Whether it was a young Anthony making salami with his father on the picnic table with a hand crank meat grinder, or a young Gerardo butchering a goat with his uncle for a festive occasion. The Salumeria was born inside of its founders at a young age. Traditions and recipes passed down for generations have inspired us.

The experience as children seeded a romantic idea of sharing this craft, but it was having our own families that solidified the need to build a salumeria. Taking what we had learned and turning it into a passion for our children has become the greatest adventure of our lives. 

We don’t measure success by how many pounds of salumi leave the curing chamber, but rather how much joy we observe in our children as the meat cures. The Salumeria has become synonymous with la famiglia, and we are happy to invite your family to be a part of ours.


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