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El Milagro

Southwest Chilaquiles Kit

El Milagro

Southwest Chilaquiles Kit


  • 30-count El Milagro corn tortillas

  • Dozen Shirttail Creek or Ringger Farm eggs

  • 16oz jar Beba's Pfresh Ranchera salsa

  • 8oz wedge Veldhuizen Texas Gold cheddar


Chilaquiles is the Austin breakfast of champions. With only four key ingredients, it's easy to make, but each ingredient really counts. Thanks to some amazing partnerships, MilkRun has you covered with the best Austin has to offer. Whip this up for a fun weekend brunch or a quick breakfast-for-dinner. 


    1. Fry corn tortilla strips or wedges in a little hot oil until golden and crispy.
    2. Pour in the Beba's Ranchera sauce. Simmer... 
    3. Top with fried eggs, cheese, and any veggies you please! 

    About the Producer
    El Milagro is a small family-owned tortilla company founded in 1950 in Chicago. From the beginning, we have always made the best tortillas we know how. Our corn tortillas start with high-quality whole kernel corn that is carefully selected and ground in-house.
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